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How to reduce total interest on home loan – First Home Buyer Tips

First Home Buyer Tips HOW TO REDUCE TOTAL INTEREST ON HOME LOAN 3 Tips on How to Pay Off Your Loan Faster SITUATION Families looking for advice on how they can reduce the total interest charged on their home loan. SOLUTION So here were a couple of tips and advice I provided to this particular […]

Negotiating Property Prices When Buying A Home

negotiating property prices

Buying a property is one of the most important financial commitments an individual will ever make. It can be also an emotional activity. Many see the process of negotiating property prices when buying a home seeming difficult. there are some tips to prepare you for the negotiations and get the correct price. Prepared, enthusiastic and […]

Connecting the dots for you

Let Rands Financial Services help you in connecting the dots – From your first home to your first Investment Property – We will walk with you throughout. The holidays are the perfect time to sit down together and assess your current year as well as your future strategies. Investing should be a longer-term strategy, and […]

Maximise Depreciation Deductions

Maximise Depreciation Deductions – An important characteristic for small business in the 2019-20 Federal Budget on 2 April 2019 was the announcement that a small business entity (SBE) might potentially qualify for an asset write-off one under one of three varying caps during the year ended 30 June 2019. A medium sized business entity (MSBE) […]

Make Trust Resolutions By 30 June

Trust Resolutions

As always, trustees of discretionary trusts are required to make and document resolutions on how trust income should be distributed to beneficiaries for the 2018-19 financial year by 30 June. If a valid resolution is not executed by 30 June, any default beneficiaries under the deed will become presently entitled to trust income and subject […]

Financial Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Home

Many people dream of being able to get onto the first step of the property ladder. However, over recent years, many younger people have found it increasingly difficult to get onto that all-important first rung. While some people decide to rent instead, this is considered by many as dead money over the long-term, since you […]

Negative Gearing and CGT Proposal

Labor confirms 1st January 2020 – start date for negative gearing and CGT proposal. Labor has announced that it will implement its plan to restrict negative gearing to new investment properties and halve the capital gains tax discount from 1st January 2020. The fact is, the benefits of both negative gearing and the capital gains […]

Perfect Home Loans for Entrepreneurs – Save time save effort

You’re ready to move forward with your next big goal. You know your capability of doing great things. Unfortunately, when you walked into your bank to get a loan for your next big dream, the bank sees it differently as you don’t have the paperwork to translate your hard work.Eventually you feel as if you […]

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