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How to select a Mortgage Broker?

Who is a mortgage broker? The role of a mortgage broker is to help clients to choose between several loan options according to their suitable needs. Most of the brokers out there, don’t charge fees. Instead, they decide to receive payment in the form of commission from lenders. Brokers have a legal obligation to make […]

Connecting the dots for you

Let Rands Financial Services help you in connecting the dots – From your first home to your first Investment Property – We will walk with you throughout. The holidays are the perfect time to sit down together and assess your current year as well as your future strategies. Investing should be a longer-term strategy, and […]

Financial Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Home

Many people dream of being able to get onto the first step of the property ladder. However, over recent years, many younger people have found it increasingly difficult to get onto that all-important first rung. While some people decide to rent instead, this is considered by many as dead money over the long-term, since you […]

Speak to a home loan specialist

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