Self Managed Super Fund

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Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

In excess of 1 million Australians have selected Self managed Super Fund (SMSF) to control their own superannuation and are managing over $ 600 Bn in assets through SMSFs as per the latest statistics released by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).​​

Many Australians see numerous benefits in establishing a SMSF.  SMSF gives you the opportunity to manage your Income Tax on investment income and capital gains, and also it provides you with the freedom to make investment choices and the asset selection. You could involve 1- 4 members with similar financial goals to combine funds. You could transfer your shares and other listed securities directly into superannuation and also invest in your business’ commercial real property and assist your Business’ cash flow.

Importantly, SMSF could borrow via limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs), provided the asset is allowed under the rules of the SISA Act. SMSF Loans enables you to borrow to invest in property either residential or commercial.
​Rands Financial Services can help you to SMSF set-up, arrange a SMSF Loan, SMSF Administration, SMSF Taxation and SMSF Audit.
We take care of the administration and deal with the ever changing Government regulations for you, leaving you free to focus on growing your Superannuation investment to the level you require for retirement.
We provide:
  • Set up of the SMSF including trust deeds, and all related documents, including completing all relevant registrations
  • Set up of a company to act as a corporate trustee, and corporate secretarial services as required
  • SMSF Loans to invest in property
  • Administration and Establishment of SMSF
  • Preparation of Accounts, Members Statements and Tax Returns and Audit of the Fund Accounts
  • SMSF Audit (via Third Parties)
  • Assistance with lump sum payments
  • Assistance with the establishment and administration of pension payments