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Perfect Home Loans for Entrepreneurs – Save time save effort

You’re ready to move forward with your next big goal. You know your capability of doing great things. Unfortunately, when you walked into your bank to get a loan for your next big dream, the bank sees it differently as you don’t have the paperwork to translate your hard work.Eventually you feel as if you are rejected.

That’s why everyone hates paperwork, when it is holding you back from important things such as a new business,  business expansion, new business property, first home, investment property, buy equipment or vehicles and the list goes on.

The home loans are not simple anymore. The banks need a tons of papers as if a little forest is cut down. The amount of documentation that many banks require for a loan makes the process tedious for the entrepreneurs as you may not have the documents the bank requires.

The solution is the low doc loan.

Low doc loans are essentially the same as regular home loans, with the difference being that they don´t required the same amount of financial statements, documents, and other paperwork that traditional loans require. In most cases, low doc business loans can be used for a number of different purpose..

Reasons a Low Doc loan may be best for you if 

Your tax-returns aren’t available or up to date

Your income may have increased since your last return

You need an urgent settlement of a transaction

You need urgent funds to pay an ATO debt

You need urgent funds to pay suppliers

You see that investment property at a bargain price

Rands Financial Services is a Mortgage Broker with a CPA Accounting background. We work closely with entrepreneurs. We understand small business and hard working personnel behind the scene.  We have a vast range of lenders with different risk appetites. This enables us tailor make your loan and get the best terms and rates for your scenario.

Call on 0434391331 or Message us for more information or to apply for a Low Doc Loan today.

Rands Financial Services is not an only a Mortgage Broking Firm but also CPA Accountants and owns a Registered Tax Agency. Therefore, our advice and assistance are more comprehensive than an average broker.

Therefore we always explain the options in details and clarifying any doubts, make appointments at a place and time convenient to you. Moreover, we update you with news often and revisiting your financial situation and continuously looking out for products which will reduce your interest at different stages of life.

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