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The needs of individual property investors always differ, we are therefore dedicated in assisting them meet their financial goals. This is achieved by identifying unique needs and finding the right loan for each situation.

There are plenty of financial options in the investment property loans arena, and we have access to hundreds of investor loans from over 40 Australian lenders, giving us the ability to choose the right option that suits you at the lowest possible interest rate.

If you’re a property investor or looking to become one, it’s important to understand what negative gearing is, and the possible benefits and risks that come with it.

Negative Gearing

Negative Gearing in tax terms is where you borrow to obtain an investment, and the interest, fees and any other investment related deductible costs exceed the income received from that investment.

The most common form of negative gearing is a rental property, but negative gearing can also be associated with shares and managed funds in the form of margin loans.

There is no surprise that with the increasing prices of the Australian property market, that negative gearing in the form of investment properties is highly popular and a growing trend. However, investors must understand that there are many risks involved in negative gearing, and that is where we, as accountants are here to assist. 

We can give you appropriate tax advice and also consult with experienced property and share investment advisors. We are here to ensure you have the right knowledge to assist in your planning, and then help you through the growth of any investment.

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