First Home Buyer Tips


3 Tips on How to Pay Off Your Loan Faster


Families looking for advice on how they can reduce the total interest charged on their home loan.


So here were a couple of tips and advice I provided to this particular family after analyzing their financial situation to help them reduce the total interest on their home loan:

  • Pay extra off your loan – If at all possible, look to increase your repayments. Even if it is as little as $50 per month it will end up making a significant difference in years to come.
  • Use an offset account – An offset account linked to your home loan account acts as a savings account that can substantially reduce the interest accumulated on your loan.
  • Refinance – A free debt review will compare your current loan against a wide range of offers from other lenders and could potentially save you thousands per year.

Need a budget plan in the most tax-effective way to achieve your financial dreams?

Need help with -Debt Review or Consolidation, Releasing Equity, Switching to a lower rate, Moving to another lender, From low-doc to full-doc, Valuation and Pre-approvals, Cost-benefit Analysis? and more…

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