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If you’ve made the decision to buy your first home, there are likely to be a few hurdles that you’ll need to overcome along the way. This is where we come in. As experienced mortgage brokers, we have helped many first-time buyers successfully navigate the home loan process.

Our goal is to make the home loan experience as simple and effortless as possible for you. We have long-standing relationships with most lenders, and our finance expertise enables us to find you the right home loan to suit your needs.

To ensure that your home loan works for you both now and in the future, we take the time to understand your budget, lifestyle, and future plans. This allows us to recommend a loan that is tailored to your specific circumstances.

And the best part, our service is completely free of charge to you. We are paid by the lender when your home loan settles, which means that our focus is solely on finding you a competitive home loan that is the right fit for you.

With our help, you can feel confident that you’re making the best possible decisions when it comes to your home loan. We’ll guide you every step of the way, from the initial consultation through to settlement and beyond. So why not let us take the stress out of the home loan process and help you achieve your dream of owning your own home?

The Realities of Home Buying

Breaking Down Common Misconceptions

No 20% deposit required for first home buyers

No need to be in the same job for 12 months

No requirement to pay off all debts to qualify for a home loan

First home buyers don't have to build a brand new home

No need to have rented a house from a real estate agent to get a home loan

Looking for guidance before you get started?

What Our clients are curious About?

To prepare for buying your first home, we discuss deposit requirements and the first home buyers’ rebate. We review your expenses and suggest ways to cut back. We assess your borrowing power and help you determine what price range to consider. Most first home buyers can purchase with a 5% deposit.
After selecting your home, you will engage in negotiations with the real estate agent regarding the price and conditions. This process will continue until both you and the seller agree on the terms and are ready to sign the contract of sale. Upon signing, it is customary to pay a refundable deposit of typically $1,000 to the real estate agent to secure your offer.
We simplify the entire process of applying for your home loan. Fill out our easy online Fact Find form and upload your documents so we can research the best home loans that suit your needs.
We will schedule a meeting with you to go over our research and the available home loan options. Understanding the interest rates, fees such as LMI, redraw facility and offset accounts is crucial, and we will take the time to explain everything. Once you sign the application, we will take care of all the fine print, allowing you to relax and wait for the loan to be approved.
The home is almost yours, and we will work with your solicitor and bank to facilitate settlement on your behalf. This is when you make your final payments and take legal ownership of your new home. We will inform you of when your first home loan payment is due. Now it is time to get excited and prepare to pick up the keys to your new home.

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