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Let Rands Financial Services help you in connecting the dots – From your first home to your first Investment Property – We will walk with you throughout.

The holidays are the perfect time to sit down together and assess your current year as well as your future strategies. Investing should be a longer-term strategy, and we can support you with the best Tax and Accountancy advice to assist you in your wealth creation journey.

Rands Financial Services are not your usual brokers; we have a thorough understanding of the short, medium and long term strategies to reduce debt and build wealth. In addition to this, Rands Financial Services can also regularly assess your home loans to ensure you are receiving the best interest rate and package.

It doesn’t matter if your mortgage is old or new, or if you are interested in what comes next – Contact us today so we can help you in Connecting the Dots!

Like to know more?

If the circumstances are like yours, we can review your home loan and outline whether it’s still right for you. You may be better off with another loan that ties in with your current financial situation and goals. Please reach out – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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